Interview Michael Wade
Interview Michael Wade 13-07-2021

Michael Wade, Professor of Innovation and Strategy IMD Business School

'Finance needs to understand the digitized business model'

Digital transformation is not about technology or ICT, but is actually a matter of adapting the business model by making use of digitization. 'That's where the real added value comes from,' says Michael Wade, Professor of Innovation and Strategy at the prestigious IMD Business School.

Interview Jim Stolze
Interview Jim Stolze 13-07-2021

Jim Stolze demystifies AI

‘It really shouldn’t be called artificial intelligence’ 

Jim Stolze, writer and entrepreneur, states, ‘One of the mistakes we have made as nerds and computer scientists is that we have used the term “artificial intelligence”. Stolze provides AI solutions to large businesses through his company Aigency. ‘It’s about statistics. The more often data or a pattern appears, the greater the probability that a computer can do something with it.’