15:00Opening and welcome by Jim Stolze

Jim Stolze is a tech entrepreneur and a prominent figure in the European startup scene. He is a thought leader and changemaker in the field of exponential technologies.

15:05Keynote: The Role of CFOs in Digital Transformation: Moving Beyond the Department of ‘No’

Based on 7 years of applied research, Michael Wade will walk through the best and worst practices related to digital transformation. He will explore how organizations need to go beyond digital and agility to compete and win in a post-pandemic world. He will also outline the increasingly pivotal role that CFOs will play in this organizational transformation journey.

Michael Wade is a writer, teacher, speaker, and podcaster on management in a digital age. He is a Professor of Innovation and Strategy at IMD where he directs the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation. At IMD, Professor Wade directs Europe’s largest and oldest digital transformation program for executives, Leading Digital Business Transformation.

15:15Expand your thinking and discover new approaches how to make smarter business decisions

Get indispensable insights, advice and tools to achieve your mission-critical priorities today and build the successful organization of tomorrow.

Keynote speaker will be announced shortly

15:55Fireside chat: Keeping up and being competitive in a digital-first world

What can CFOs learn from tech innovators? (organization / business model) 

Speaker from Digital Native will be announced shortly

16:20Break / transition to interactive break-outs

16:30Roundtable Discussions and Deep Dive Sessions

17:30Break / transition to keynote

17:40Keynote: Disruptive Trends Shaping The Future of Finance & Fintech

The global pandemic shook up the world as we knew it. It also put digital transformation on steroids. What will happen in a post-pandemic era? Igor will spark your imagination and stretch your mindset. He will share his strategic foresight on trends and technologies that will shake up finance and fintech. The future is about being imaginative, not about being right.

Buckle up for a dazzling ride full of reinvention, disruptive new business models, and new ideas to survive and grow your business. He is friendly but intense, talking in powerful punchlines that reveal the true public speaker. Critics may find his predictions far out. But it is not difficult to understand why he speaks 200 time-speakerss each year. In an era of uncertainty and rapid technological change, there is a great need for seers. People who do not shy away from answering the question: What would the world look like in 2030?

Igor Beuker is a marketing innovation speaker and futurist known for his foresight on trends and technologies that disrupt business, economy, and society. A social entrepreneur with 5 exits and an angel investor in 24 social startups. Advisory board member at revolutionary tech/media companies, and a seer for Fortune 500s, organizations, and governments.

18:05Fireside chat: Keeping up and being competitive in a digital-first world

Learn more about what advances Johnson & Johnson is making in technolgy and how they apply this in finance and their operations. 

Craig Baldino, Vice President Finance Solutions & Technology at Johnson & Johnson 

Eric Lenard CMO, CFM, Vice President of Finance, Robotics & Digital Solutions at Johnson & Johnson

18:30Wrap up by Jim Stolze

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